Fire Watcher: Definition, Responsibilities, and Duties

Fire is one of the most dangerous hazards in construction. It can lead to serious injuries and even death. The role of a fire watcher is to detect and report fires before they start so that the construction team can act accordingly.

A fire watcher is a person who monitors construction sites to ensure that there are no fire hazards present before work can begin. This person is responsible for sounding the alarm if a fire is spotted and for keeping an eye on the fire until it is extinguished.

The main role of a fire watcher is to ensure that fire prevention and emergency procedures are followed during construction work. In the event of a fire, they may attempt to put it out, although this is not their primary role.

Fire watchers are crucial members of any construction site because they are the first line of defense against fire incidents. They work on-site, reporting fires and providing information about their size, location, and severity. They may be part of a welding group that ensures no smoking flames occur as a result of metal cutting or welding.


What are The Top Responsibilities of a Fire Watcher?

Fire watchers are responsible for monitoring fire hazards and taking corrective action to prevent fires. They also provide fire suppression assistance in the event of a fire.

In construction projects, there are 8 specific responsibilities that the Fire Watcher has to do.

The Fire Watcher must be able to:

  • Identify sources of fire and take appropriate measures
  • Having readily available and well-trained fire-extinguishing equipment
  • Identify potential hazards in the vicinity
  • Report any fire and/or hazardous situation to appropriate authorities
  • Respond and react appropriately when a fire or hazardous situation occurs
  • Coordinate with emergency services personnel during a fire or hazardous situation
  • Provide information on the location of emergency exits and provide evacuation routes
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable codes and regulations

What Are The Equipment Necessary For a Fire Watcher?

The equipment necessary to be a fire watcher in construction includes a pair of safety goggles, a fire extinguisher, gloves, and a radio.

It is important for the person to be able to see through fog and smoke while wearing their safety goggles. In addition, they should have protection gloves to protect their hands in case of fire.

Fire extinguishers are needed because they can put out small fires before they become large ones.

Finally, a radio is necessary because it allows the person to communicate with other people on site.

What are the Dangers That a Fire Watcher Faces?

Fire watchers have a tough job, and they are often the first responders to fire. They are in charge of checking the construction site for hazards before work begins by using a fire watch plan. The plan is usually created by the site supervisor or the project manager. However, it is not uncommon for these plans to be outdated and sometimes even nonexistent.

When there is no plan in place, it becomes difficult for fire watchers to keep track of what is happening on the construction site. There are also many other dangers that these workers face on a daily basis such as falling debris, machinery malfunctions, and electrical fires from faulty wiring that could lead to an explosion. This makes their job extremely difficult and puts them at risk of injury or death.

Training Necessary To Be a Fire Watcher In Construction

Fire watch is an essential part of construction. It is a must for construction sites. It is a 24-hour job and it requires training for the workers to be able to spot fires and perform their duties efficiently.

Training to become a fire watcher requires specific skills that may not be taught in schools or universities. It includes understanding how fires start, how to extinguish them, and what precautions to take during construction work. Skills such as knowing how to read blueprints and use tools like a fire extinguisher are also necessary as well as being able to understand the risks involved with working near burning materials.

The training process includes some basic fire prevention information, fire extinguisher usage, and how to spot fires. The training also includes what a fire watch person should do in case they find out that there is a fire on site.

Challenges and Opportunities For Fire Watchers

Firewatch is a position that is becoming more prevalent as the industry becomes more competitive and requires more efficiency in the workplace. However, the challenges that firewatchers face can be overwhelming at times due to the lack of training and resources.

As technology advances, there are opportunities for firewatchers to use emerging technologies to make their position a lot easier and faster.


  • Communicate with the workers and make sure that they follow safety procedures
  • Keep up with changing regulations and know when it is appropriate for an employee to be off work for illness or injury
  • Be able to recognize when there is an emergency situation on site, such as if something catches on fire or if there is smoke coming from the building


  • Manage a team of workers
  • Coordinate with other projects on a larger scale
  • Use your leadership skills to create an efficient and safe work environment
  • The increased use of technology has made it easier for these individuals to communicate with each other, ensuring that everyone knows what’s going on.

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